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About Me

I do Web Design & Digital Marketing. I spend my whole day, practically every day, experimenting with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and handy web site builders such as WordPress; dabbling with SEO and UX -UI; and inhaling a wide variety of potentially useless information through a few hundred RSS feeds. I build websites that delight and inform. I do it well.

I’m curious, and I enjoy work that challenges me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. I do my best to stay on top of changes in the state of the art so that I can meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand. The list of projects I follow on here will give you a good idea of the types of tools I’d prefer to be using.

In addition to web design, I also offer a range of digital marketing services to help my clients reach their target audience and grow their online presence. These services include search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve the visibility of their website in search engine results, social media marketing to promote their business on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and email marketing to stay in touch with their customers and subscribers.

I also have experience in user experience (UX) design, which involves designing websites and other digital products in a way that is intuitive and easy to use for the end user. By combining my skills in web design and digital marketing, I am able to offer a complete package of services that can help my clients to succeed online.

01. Main Service

I do websites that actually 'not only work for some reasons' but also generate revenue for your business.

02. Responsive web design

Comes as standard so your website will seamlessly adapt to any screen size.

03. Hosting

I will manage the hosting of your website. This ensures support and updates can occur quickly without the need to interrupt you or your business.


Your customers have to find your website. Search Engine Optimisation is a set of techniques used to obtain a high-ranking placement in search engine results.

05. Digital Marketing

Your website is not just another generic site on the internet. I've tailored it specifically to your needs and am using digital marketing techniques to ensure its success.